Boy Scout Troop 186
Birdville PA (Natrona Heights)

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History of Troop 186

So, what's Birdville you might ask?  Check out this excellent writeup on Birdville, a town that never truly existed except in the minds of those who lived there.  Confused?  You won't be after you read this article.

How did the troop start?

Below information reproduced from the Birdville Troop Timeline
June 22nd: The “Pledge of Allegiance” is officially recognized by act of Congress. In its original version, it lacks the phrase “under God.”
August 7th: American forces land at Guadalcanal, signaling the beginning of the long, brutal, island-hopping attack on the Japanese perimeter. The landing at Guadalcanal is followed by victories over the Japanese at Milne Bay on the 26th of August, and at Port Moresby on the 17th through the 25th of September.
Fall: 12-year-old Lorraine E. “Sonny” Lauffer reads a Boy’s Life Magazine in his Doctor’s waiting room and tells his mom he wants to be a Boy Scout. His parents organize neighbors in Sheldon Park and seek advice from local Scout leaders.
October 23rd: Allied forces under the command of British General Bernard Montgomery launch the battle of El Alamein in an attempt to drive back Axis forces from Egypt, denying them access to the Suez Canal and Middle East oil fields.
October 30th: At the meeting of the Sheldon Park Community Council, Federal Housing Project, the decision is made to sponsor a new Boy Scout Troop.
November 8th: British and American troops invade French West Africa.
November 11th: On what was then known as “Armistice Day” (the 21st anniversary of the end of World War I), The General Chairman of the Sheldon Park Community Council, Lorraine S. Acre, signs the first charter application for Boy Scout Troop 186. This is the traditional founding date for the unit.